Monday, May 28, 2012

The Prodigal Daughter by Patricia Enyi

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 Loyce is as beautiful as she is intelligent. Like the girls in her close-knit group, she looks forward to college, marriage, and a family of her own. When Loyce's friends arrange a surprise party for her, though, it has life-changing consequences. The plan is for her to lose her virginity with Quintin, a charming young man who is also the local heartbreaker. Loyce and Quintin subsequently fall in love, but their joy quickly turns to sorrow when Loyce's parents renounce her wishes to marry a non-Catholic. In her time of desolation, Loyce turns away from God and the faith that has always sustained her. Can she find her way back to God and true love...?


"The Prodigul Daughter follows Loyce a girl struggling to fullfill her parents expectations as well as find her self.This follows her from highschool through adulthood and all the challanges in between from peer pressure to finally settling down to raise a family.Very well written you feel like you know Loyce and can relate to her struggles.A very inspiring story anyone can relate to."

"The Prodigal Daughter is more than just a coming of age story. It provides insight into the challenges that immigrant families in America must face. The story follows Loyce, the oldest daughter of Nigerian parents, from the age of 18 until age 30. She is struggling with fulfilling the high academic, social and religious expectations of her parents, while at the same time maintaining her friendships with girls whose families do not subscribe to the same rigorous demands. The author, Patricia Enyi, did a wonderful job of keeping the story moving, yet she did not skimp on vivid descriptions and necessary details that helped me to feel like I really knew the characters, particularly Loyce and her father, as well as the customs and culture of Nigerian families. I would definitely recommend this book to all readers, but teenage girls would benefit from reading The Prodigal Daughter as it is realistic, and it teaches us that there are times in life that it is important to stand by our decisions despite pressures from the outside world. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future."

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