Saturday, May 12, 2012

His Treasure by Kiru Taye

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $1.99 / £1.32!

In a time when men rule their households with firm hands, can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love?

Angry at being forced to marry a man not of her choosing, Adaku stubbornly shuns her new husband on their wedding night. However, she soon discovers there are worse things than giving in to a man whose touch awakens her deep desires. In a land where fruitfulness is celebrated, she could soon be labeled a barren woman.

Obinna knows there are several ways to tame a rebellious woman. Patience and perseverance are two of them. Adaku is his treasure and he would never let her go. When her fears push her into his arms, will he be able to convince her to stay with him forever by unleashing the passion within her?


"This is the first historical romance set in Nigeria that I have read. Kiru Taye's debut novella is an amazing introduction to the love lives of pre-colonial Igbo people in south-eastern Nigeria and the setting is done perfectly. There is a mixture of traditions, culture and language that puts you right in the place and time"

"Obinna is almost not an African man except that he is.... a wise sensitive African man! He is my very reason for loving this book! African men are usually portrayed as brash, insensitive and riding roughshod over their women. This book tells a different story, a true story of the many sensitive, gentle and wise men, who with patience, demonstrate love daily to their women and earn their respect in ways that no-one else can begin to understand.

Obinna rocks! And if anyone ever thought he was weak because he was kind, his attempt to re-claim his wife, his release of her and their final stance as a couple, leaves no doubt in any mind who is captain of that ship.....yes! A true African man.

Kiru smolders with the sensitivity of the loved in describing this man. I am totally bowled over by how in tune she is with how hard it is for him but she rides it out authentically and ahh! What can I say?

I am only worried that too many women will demand this level of sensitivity from our men and I daresay they may be disappointed.....this one is an exceptional man!

An exceptional book,well worth the time, money and frustration.....Sigh!"

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