Monday, May 14, 2012

Creole Escape by Amber Manuel

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99!

Why does it feel like she's hiding something? It is the question that haunts Detective Luke Dean, distracting him from his love affair with work like nothing ever has before. Or is it the way he seems to fall into her eyes any time he sees her that distracts him more?

Trista Darling should be able to resist him. He's a detective, and has the resources to look deep into her past, a history that's anything but stellar. But how can she resist Luke when he is the first man who has ever made her feel this way? What's more, does she even want to?


"I am a first time buyer of an ebook, and I chose this book for various being that I am from the Southern Louisiana area and second.....I personally know the author. I must say, it is an excellent book. I higghly recommend it to anyone that just enjoys reading. However, it is will NOT want to put it down once you begin! I anticipate more books from this author, as she is a wonderfully talented person!!!"

"I bought this book on a Thursday, but waited until Friday to start it. That was a wise move. When I wasn't reading it, I was wondering what was going to happen next, and speculating on the probably fate of the characters. Adding the local color of New Orleans, a city that I have fond childhood/ young adult memories of, and the book is a definite keeper. Trista and Luke were fun, Charlie was a hoot (gotta love the Cajun - and yes, people really do talk that way). If you like mystery thriller/romances with strong heroines, you'll love this book."

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