Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bluesday by Adrienne Thompson

Look what we found! A sultry Kindle Romance Novel for .99 / 77p!

 Bobbie Brooks is living the life she's always dreamed of. A life full of music, success, and love—or so it seems. Suddenly, her perfect world shatters, leaving her alone, broken, and penniless. In order to heal, Bobbie must confront the demons of both her past and present. Will she be strong enough to move into her future and make a new start with an old flame? 


"Blues singer Bobbie 'BluAnn' Brooks sings the blues for her audience every night, but she never thought she would be singing the blues for herself. After her husband, Clyde, leaves her heartbroken and penniless, Bobbie decides to get her life back on track. She realizes she has to deal with her past demons before she is able to embrace the future.

I read "Bluesday" by Adrienne Thompson in a few hours. "Bluesday" touched my heart so much I shed a few tears while reading it. I love when an author is able to write about RAW emotions and have it grab hold of the reader's heart. The author touched on subjects such as strength, courage, and the love we have within.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a book that has a believable storyline and characters. Side Note: As a music fan of all genres, I love how the author titled each chapter after a famous blues song." ~OOSA Book Club, Vine Voice Reviewer, Amazon
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"Thompson delivered a very realistic story of a woman who has buried secrets deep within her heart. She had to find strength to understand her childhood and the reasons she made the decision and mistakes in her life. The story was very haunting but it held my interest until the very end." ~Priscilla C. Johnson, Vice Voice Reviewer, Amazon

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