Friday, May 25, 2012

A Question of Fire by Karen McCullough

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance for $2.99 / £1.92!

When Catherine Bennett agrees to attend an important party as a favor for her boss, she knows she won't enjoy it, but she doesn't expect to end up holding a dying man in her arms and becoming the recipient of his last message. Bobby Stark has evidence that will prove his younger brother has been framed for arson and murder. He wants that evidence to get to his brother's lawyer, and he tries to tell Cathy where he's hidden it. Unfotunately, he can only manage to give her a cryptic piece of the location before he dies.

The man who killed Bobby saw him talking to her and assumes she knows where the evidence is hidden. He wants it back and he'll do whatever it takes to get it, including following her and trying to kidnap her.

Cathy enlists the aid of attorney Peter Lowell and Danny Stark, Bobby's prickly, difficult younger brother, as well as a handsome private detective to help her find the evidence before the killers do.


Five Stars: "Ms. McCullough is an excellent writer and this is a terrific story. Once I started reading I couldn't stop and all my previous engagements had to be put on hold until I finished. I was racking my brain trying to solve the mystery right along side Cathy, and I was falling in love along with her also. Karen McCullough is moved to my must buy list. Read this story. It's great!"
- Reviewed by: Natalie Brunelle, Scribes World Reviews.

Five Stars: "A QUESTION OF FIRE is well-crafted, well-written, well-done! Karen McCullough has created a memorable heroine in Cathy Bennett. She's smart, multi-faceted and interesting - someone you'll really enjoy getting to know. And Peter Lowell is the perfect foil to balance her! From their battles over red meat versus salad to their clash with brutal enemies wanting to destroy them, these two forge a partnership you'll cheer for enthusiastically. This book is a terrific read. Keep writing, Karen.... I'll be waiting for more!!"
-- Reviewed by: Ellie Kinnon for eBook Connections

"A Question of Fire is a page-turner that I just couldn't put down. I really enjoyed the heroine, especially her sense of humor! It made a terrific romantic suspense story even more fun to read, as I never knew what Cathy's reaction to any situation was going to be.
"The dialogue between Cathy and Peter is especially good. Two people with some serious lifestyle differences, it was interesting to watch them negotiate as they dug deeper into their investigation. Danny was a great character and the one who grows the most over the course of the story. Ed Hammond plays a big part in the mystery and was really well depicted. My favorite of the wonderful secondary characters were Fred and Emily Martin, though they only appear briefly toward the end.
"A terrific suspense story, with a wonderful - and funny - heroine! Ms. McCullough is certainly an author I'll be reading again.
-- Reviewed by Cheri Murphy, The Romance Journal 


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